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Managing Implants That Are Positioned Too Far Facially

Michael Z. Lamb, DMD, and Fadi K. Hasan, DDS, MSD

This article examines some of the pitfalls that can lead to excessively facial implant positions, the esthetic risks, and strategies for management.

2 CEU • COST: $16 • Expires November 30, 2026


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Education and Training for CBCT Imaging

Esther Cruz, RDA, MA

This article explores the various issues involved in cone-beam computed tomography education and training.

2 CEU • COST: $16 • Expires October 31, 2026



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Periodontal Surgery to Correct Gingival Recession

David H. Wong, DDS

This article examines the etiology of gingival recession and NCCLs, as well as factors that contribute to their development, and discusses some of the systems used to classify them.

2 CEU • COST: $16 • Expires September 30, 2026


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Resin-Based Materials for Indirect Dental Restorations

Esha Mukherjee, BDS, MSD, et al.

This article examines the current state and possible future advances of resin-based materials that are available for the fabrication of indirect restorations using subtractive and additive methods.

2 CEU • COST: $16 • Expires August 31, 2026