The Effects of Enlarged Adenoids on a Developing Malocclusion

Kevin L. Williams, DMD; Private Practice; Greenville and Spartanburg, South Carolina ; Derek Mahony, BDS(Syd), MScOrth(Lon), DOrthRCS(Edin) ; Specialist Orthodontist ; Private Practice ; Sydney, Australia

May 2008 Issue - Expires May 31st, 2010

Inside Dentistry


This article reviews upper airway obstruction caused by hypertrophied adenoids and the possibilities of a subsequent malocclusion. Early diagnosis and treatment of pathologic conditions that can lead to the obstruction of the upper airways is essential to anticipate and prevent alterations in dental arches, facial bones, and muscle function. Philosophies regarding the treatment of adenoid hypertrophy range from dietary control and environmental modifications to dentofacial orthopedics, change of breathing exercises, and surgical procedures.

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