New Era in Patient Care with Clear Aligners

Payam Ataii, DMD

April 2021 Course - Expires Tuesday, April 30th, 2024

Web Only


This webinar is designed to help doctors and team members understand the clinical and practice outcomes of their clear aligner treatments. Considerations for straight forward and complex cases will be discussed providing a robust framework that can be applied practically. Attendees will explore the new standard of care that is expected by patients and how to effectively build the practice around these expectations.

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COST: $0
SOURCE: Inside Dentistry | April 2021
COMMERCIAL SUPPORTER: National Association of Dental Professionals

Learning Objectives:

  • Accurately screening patients that could benefit from aligner therapy
  • Discussing aligner therapy modalities, treatment outcomes and limitations
  • Preparing the office to retain patients and novel methods to boost patient acceptance of aligner therapies

Presenter Qualifications:

Dr. Payam Ataii maintains a private practice in Laguna Hills, CA.


Dr. Ataii is the founder of the National Association of Dental Professionals.

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