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Causes of Dental Implant Failure

Sanda Moldovan, DDS, MS, CNS

To better prepare dental practitioners for different scenarios involving implant complications, this article will examine some of the primary reasons why implants fail.

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Removable Aligner Therapy for Anterior Wear Cases

Raymond Kubisch, DDS, MSD, and Andrew Ferris, DDS, MS

This article will illustrate how interdisciplinary orthodontic therapy using removable aligners can benefit restorative treatment in anterior wear cases.

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Treating Airway and Breathing Disorders

DeWitt C. Wilkerson, DMD

This article discusses the screening and treatment of airway and breathing disorders throughout life and the impact on oral and systemic health.

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Key Factors to Denture Success

Russell A. Wicks, DDS, MS; Swati A. Ahuja, BDS, MDS; Joseph J. Massad, DDS; and Charles J. Goodacre, DDS, MSD

This article reviews the key factors that need to be addressed prior to the initiation of definitive prosthetic therapy.

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Wendy S. Hupp, DMD; F. John Firriolo, DDS, PhD; and Scott S. De Rossi, DMD
November/December 2010 Issue - Expires December 31st, 2013 | SOURCE: Inside Dentistry
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